How to add your showing availability for property tours

  1. Go to the "Settings" page

  1. Scroll to "Showing availability"

  1. Update your office hours. Remember to always click on "Save" after you make any changes

  1. Set your specific showing availability

  • Limit prospects per showing - Number of renters you want to show a property at a time
  • Stop new appointments  - Time you need as a heads up for same-day showings
  • Max showings per day - Total number of showings for all of your properties for all of your leasing agents
  • Buffer time to travel - Time added before and after a showing to give your team travel time

  1. Optional step - Set unit-specific availability. If you want to set specific showing times and availability for a property, you can do that by going to your property page and clicking on "Set Availability"


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