How to navigate the awesome in-app calendar and sync your company calendar

LetHub's robust calendar is one the main and the most exciting features of the web app. You can do pretty much everything from the calendar - View all your showings, move things around, set up your availability, assign tours to the leasing team, sync your calendar and even add your lunch time!

Here's a mini-guide to help you navigate the calendar.

Step 1:

  • Go to “Calendar” page and click on  "Sync Calendars".
  • Select your calendar provider: Google or Microsoft Office 365
  • Synchronization type - One-way refers to events only being pulled from your Google/MS calendar and Two-way means that any changes in your calendar are reflected in LetHub's calendar and vice versa. Please select two-way so we can sync properly with your calendar.
  • Click on Add and continue to the next step to sign in to your account.

Note: You can always disconnect a calendar and connect a different one. Your showings will not be lost.

Sync Calendar page

Step 2:

If prompted, please check the box for all permissions and click on Continue.

And that's it! Your calendars are now synced.

Step 3:

  • You can switch between different views - Month/Week/Day
  • You can also toggle between 24-hr view (it’s automatically set to 12-hr view) and cancelled showings view which shows cancelled showings on your calendar.

Step 4:

  • You can use the calendar to add, change, and delete a showing.
  • To manually add a showing, click on “Add Showing” or the “+” button on the button right corner. You then enter the information for the lead and click on Save. We will send an email and a text to the lead about their showing.

  • To change a showing, select any existing showing, and change any of the information such as the date, time, agent, etc. You can then press Save, and we will email and text the prospect of any changes.
  • To delete a showing, select an existing showing, and press on Delete. A screen will pop up to ask for the reason and show you the email and text that will be sent to the prospect based on the reason you chose. You can select the reason as Property being rented, Leasing agent not available, or a custom message. You must then press Send.

All bookings, whether by River or added manually, are shown in your LetHub calendar and pushed to your team's calendar if you've set up two-way sync!

You're all set! Hope that made sense. If not, you can always contact us and we'll guide you through the process :)

Still having issues? Please contact support