How to connect your Google or Microsoft email for inquiry automation

Step 1:

1. Click on the plus "+" icon on your dashboard to connect your email

Set up page with plus icons

Step 2:

2. Select your ILS provider where you get leads from. If the provider is not present, please add one yourself

check boxes for listing providers

Step 3:

3. Select your email provider - Google or MS Office 365 and click on connect.

Note: River doesn't work with custom webmail or the offline version of MS Outlook.

Step 4:

4. Edit your auto-reply response text if you want. This will be your fallback response if River doesn't have a response.

If you see a prompt like the one below, then click on “Advanced”

Connect River to email

Step 5:

5. Click on "Go to"

Page with an arrow on go to LetHub

Step 6:

6. Click on "Allow"

Box for permission highlighting Allow

Congrats, you've just automated 70% of your day :-)

Still having issues? Please contact support