How to connect your Google or Microsoft email for inquiry automation

If you use Appfolio or another property management software that can automatically forward guest cards to us, please go to this article.

Please note that when you connect your email, you will be considered live and we will be responding to all your future inquiries.

Connect a Gmail email

Step 1: Add a forwarding address

  • Go to your Gmail settings > Forwarding and Pop/IMAP > Add a forwarding address > email:
  • The company name is the name you have used in your Lethub account. To find it, log into your LetHub account, on the dashboard, open the link to your Public page and copy the name after the "company/" in the link. See pic below.
  • Note: You can disable forwarding for all mail. In the next step, we will add filters that will forward specific emails to us.

Step 2: Add filters for each listing site you use

  • Go to Gmail settings > Filters and Blocked Addresses > Create a new filter
  • These filters would ensure that all new inquiries coming in from these listing sites are automatically forwarded to us.
  • E.g. This is one Craigslist filter.

You can refer to the list of filters below for more examples. Note: Only add the filters for listing sites that you use.

Connect a Microsoft Office email

Step 1:

  • Click on the plus "+" icon on your dashboard to connect the email address that receives inquiries from all listing sites.
  • This only needs to be done  on the admin account of your company.

Step 2:

  • Select your ILS providers where you get leads from. If the provider is not present, please add one yourself using the example given.
  • Select MS Office and press Connect.
  • Note: River doesn't work with custom webmail or the offline version of MS Outlook.

Step 3:

  • A new tab will open to log into your email account.
  • Give LetHub Access to all permissions and click on "Continue".

Congrats, you've just automated 70% of your day :-)

Still having issues? Please contact support