Difference between Qualified, Interested, Disqualified, and Archived Leads?

Keep in mind that you can always move one lead from one list to another.


  • These are prospects that have sent inquiries to about a specific unit through listing sites such as Zillow, Zumper, etc.
  • These leads are picked up through your inbox or through guest card forwarding from a Property Management Software.
  • We email each lead in the Interested tab with an email to book a tour for the specific unit they are interested in.
  • If you are signed up for a Premium plan, then we can also send a SMS to these leads.


  • These are interested leads that clicked the link in our "book a tour email" and started the process to book through River.
  • They are in this qualified lead section because they answered your pre-qualification questions according to your passing criteria and have become Qualified!


  • These are interested leads that clicked the link in our book a tour email" and tried to book a tour, but they did not pass your pre-qualification criteria.
  • Hence, they become Disqualified leads.
  • You can always move a lead from Disqualified to Qualified and vice-versa if you'd like.



  • These are leads that you have chosen to move to Archived, maybe after they’ve seen the unit or if the unit has been rented.
  • We don’t automatically put any leads in this section, it’s completely up to you.

Note: We save the email addresses of both qualified and disqualified leads in our database.

  • Therefore, if a qualified lead tries to book a tour for another one of your units, they will skip the pre-qualifications (because they’ve already passed them!) and be able to book a tour directly in your calendar.
  • If a disqualified lead tries to book a tour with the same email address, they will be not be able to since they failed your pre-qualification questions for another unit.

Hope this helped!

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