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How leasing automation helps property managers in achieving profitability goals for 2022?

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A typical lead-to-lease cycle takes around 30-40 days, costing your leasing team 70 hours per agent every month.

Leasing automation can reduce this friction and help you convert renter leads faster, reducing your vacancies significantly. Here are 3 major bottlenecks of a lead-to-lease cycle:

Bottleneck #1:
Unanswered emails, texts and calls from leads

Once you post listing ads across various sites, for your vacant properties, resulting in 200+ renter inquiries per day, asking repetitive questions.

Bottleneck #2:
Weekend inquiries, and late responses

53% of inquiries are after-hours or on weekends resulting in a lot of missed rental leads.

Bottleneck #3:
Unqualified leads and window shoppers

On average, leasing agents spend 48 hours per month on responding to monotonous inquiries and pre-qualifying renter leads.

Bottleneck #4:
No-shows & Tour cancellations

1 in 4 leads end up scheduling an appointment of which 70% are no-shows, wasting leasing staff time.

Bottleneck #5:
Too many hours wasted on manual tasks

Leasing agents spend 70 hours every month on manual tasks, which could instead be utilized on portfolio growth.

Increasing Profitability and Reducing Vacancies


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