LetHub x Yardi Integration

Posted on:
August 2, 2023

Imagine combining the features of your two favorite solutions to maximize conversions and enhance lead tracking and management. Our partners at Lethub have been dreaming about this integration. We can now finally announce that Lethub is included as one of Yardi’s integration partners!  

Yardi Voyager  

As we all know, Yardi Voyager is a comprehensive property management software renowned for simplifying accounting, lease management, and reporting. With Lethub Yardi integration, you can stay organized, make informed decisions, and enhance overall efficiency.  

All-in-one AI Leasing Platform  

Meanwhile, Lethub, an AI-powered leasing automation, brings intelligent automation to every stage of the leasing process. Our intuitive AI takes care of responding to prospect inquiries, pre-qualification and books showings.  

Don’t believe us? Check out what Jared have to say about us  

Lethub x Yardi Integration: What’s in it for you?  

At any given time, a property manager’s inbox is flooded with 300+ emails every day. This is because 50% of your prospective tenants send inquiries after office hours. It gives your competitors chances to swoop in.  

While lucky for our partners at Lethub, they enjoy the AI-powered leasing platform to respond to such inquiries 24/7. Because of this, their bookings skyrocketed by 25%! And a user-friendly interface that is customizable is just what each property manager’s dreams are made of.  

                                                                                                                        LethubxYardi, the dream team                   

So, how exactly does Lethub x Yardi Integration streamline leasing management processes for Lethub and Yardi users?  

Well, it does so by:  

Syncing your data from Yardi to LetHub like a breeze:

Lethub Yardi integration ensures real-time Guest Card creation and lead data collection from LetHub to Yardi. Transfer property data from Yardi to LetHub within seconds. We do not require manual setup. Therefore, eliminating the manual burden of adding leads data to the CRM and updating each lead’s status.

Responding to prospect inquiries with an AI:

Replying to prospects within 10 mins increases the conversion rate by 185%. LetHub's AI-powered assistant, River, can automatically capture leads from multiple listing platforms and respond to them 24/7. Don’t fear the AI generated responses. Rest assured; River leaves the robotic monotone at the door. Set message templates from your end to send to prospects along with your company’s branding.  When prospects visit your listings, they will be chatting with a personalized AI that answers like a human.  

Sherlock-level Pre-screening:

The integration aids you to stop worrying about wasting time on low-potential leads. The AI-powered chatbot can ask your prospects a series of questions to filter out leads that do not match your criteria. You can then focus your efforts on engaging with high-potential leads.  

Organizing your scheduling calendar:  

Have your leasing team’s calendar in one place. With our robust calendar, leasing agents only need to show up to properties without the hassle of scheduling and rescheduling appointments.  

Converting guest cards faster with Lead Nurturing:

Once leads enter LetHub’s CRM, a custom-built lead nurturing funnel is triggered. From pre-screening to the marketing follow-ups sent to prospects, we have A/B tested everything and designed a funnel that converts guest cards into residents 4X faster.  

Managing listings in one place with LetHub’s CRM:

Lethub Yardi integration enables Voyager users to leverage Lethub's CRM capabilities. Manage and track your leads in one place. Get access to prospect interactions, chat history, and prospect preferences.  

Keep out on the look for the upcoming Lethub x Yardi Integration!  

Lethub Yardi integration is planning to bring more breakthrough innovations to the leasing management industry. And as technology continues to grow, so will you with us.  

                                                                                                            Have you made it this far without signing up?  

                                                                                                          Join us in making your leasing dreams come true!

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