Multi-Family Operators

More Tours. More NOI

Powerful leasing automation software that helps organize leasing teams and cuts down vacancies.

Multi-Family Benefits

days-on-market reduced
3 hours
saved everyday
One-click Integrations
with industry leasing PM Software
Organize your team
with a centralized leading tool

Smart Features for Modern Multi-family Property Managers

Automatic Tour Scheduling

Automates the booking process for property viewings.

Two-Way Calendar Sync

Ensures synchronization between LetHub and personal/team calendars for showings.

Notify Current Tenants of Showings

Automates notifications to current tenants about upcoming showings.

Open House Scheduling

Facilitates the organization of open house events.

Auto-Assign Agents to Showings

Assigns real estate agents to showings based on predefined rules.

Round-Robin Agent Showings (Beta)

Distributes showing appointments among agents evenly.

Lockbox Integration (Codebox)

Allows for secure access to properties via lockbox technology.

Government ID & Selfie Verification for Self-Showings

Enhances security by verifying the identity of individuals for self-showings.

Get One-time Lockbox Code

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Owner Reports

Provides detailed leasing activity and performance reports to property owners.

Analytics Dashboard

Offers insights into various operational metrics and leasing performance.

Feedback Reports

Collect post-showing feedback from leads automatically.

Email Integration (Microsoft and Gmail)

Enables seamless communication with prospects through popular email platforms.

Custom Follow-Up Email and SMS Sequences

Allows for personalized communication sequences to engage prospects.

Public Website with Chatbot

Engages visitors through a chatbot on the property’s website.

Phone Number with Automated Response

Provides a dedicated phone number for automated inquiries responses.

Send Custom Rental Application Link

Streamlines the application process with a direct link to the rental application.

Pre-qualify Prospects

Screens potential tenants with custom pre-qualification questions.

Bulk Email Prospects

Facilitates mass communication with potential tenants.

Capture Leads from Contact Forms

Gathers prospect information through contact forms.

Lead History

Maintains a record of all interactions with each prospect.

Property Management Software Integration

Integrates LetHub with existing property management systems for streamlined operations.

Zapier Integration

Connects LetHub to hundreds of apps for extended automation capabilities.

CRM Integration (HubSpot, Pipedrive, Leadsimple, and more)

Allows for efficient management of prospect and tenant information through popular CRM platforms.

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