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In the fast-paced world of property management, time is of the essence. Efficiently handling showings, managing bookings, and streamlining the leasing process are crucial for success. At Wichita Rentals, the managing team was facing various challenges when it came to filling vacancies faster in an organized way.

When Heighley joined Wichita Rentals as a leasing agent in 2022, the team was fewer than 4 people. Since then they have added 300 new units, with plans to grow by another 20% this year alone.

And behind Wichita Rentals' rapid growth is a comprehensive leasing strategy powered by automation.

Building a digital native business

The founding team at Wichita Rentals knew that automation was going to be the backbone of the business.

Before integrating LetHub into their workflow, the team struggled with inefficient scheduling processes. Showings were assigned on an ad-hoc basis, causing significant time wastage. "I'm sure that it took 15 to 20 hours depending on the person each week to schedule and go to showings." explains Heighley.

The manual approach of answering phone calls and scheduling appointments was time-consuming and not sustainable. Recognizing the need for an automated scheduling solution, they sought a system that could streamline their operations.

Robust Scheduling, the game-changer

"I definitely see the value in Lethub and the fact that it takes a lot of time out of our day that we don't have to spend on calling and booking tours manually."

LetHub's easy-to-use calendar emerged as the game-changer for Wichita Rentals. The seamless calendar sync gave the team an ability to empower prospective tenants to schedule showings themselves. This automation significantly reduced the team's dependency on phone calls and allowed them to redirect their focus on more critical tasks.

"Before that we were constantly on the phones, but being able to redirect somebody to book a showing themselves is extremely helpful and kind of initiates people into our system." explains Heighley.

"Because we are fully electronic system so making sure that people are able to do the first step of booking a showing online helps us better understand that they're going to be able to rent with us and use our systems that we need to for the whole length of the lease." says Heighley.

High-volume, high-touch tours - without the stress

The integration of LetHub has led to a remarkable transformation in the day-to-day operations at Wichita Rentals. The team is now able to handle a higher volume of showings without having to spend whole day responding to inquiries.

"Without LetHub, it would look like me being on the phone a lot more and when I'm out at a showing, I'm not able to catch that phone call. So then I'm going to come back to the office and have to be on voicemails." says Heighley.

"LetHub has definitely made our schedule completely booked in. I would almost recommend another leasing agent be hired on because we have a large amount of showings at all times!"

"LetHub has been very beneficial and it's worth the cost. It's definitely gaining us revenue in the long run. We are going through our properties a lot faster and the vacancy time is slowed down."

- Heighley Athey, Leasing Agent at Wichita Rentals

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