How Kati uses Intelligent ID Verification to eliminate scams

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Winter Park, FL

About Innovative Realty

Innovative Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage and property management company serving all of Central Florida. They specialize in the management of single-family homes, condos, and multi-family homes.

Mission: Scams' Elimination

As an experienced Director of Operations, Kati knew she had a serious problem when a prospect complained about being scammed at one of her listings. 

"We were being targeted based on how easily people could access the property. It was becoming very difficult for my team to deal with the constant calls from people that were being scammed and having to deal with the fallout from each of those listings." she recalls.

Switching from Rently to LetHub: A breath of fresh air!

Kati's team was using Appfolio in conjunction with Codeboxes but the security was very weak. Consequently, they switched to Rently and ended up dealing with integration issues. 

"We had to deal with a lot of complaints because of their $1.00 hold on the credit cards. Moreover, having two totally separate systems that didn't speak to one another was very cumbersome."

Kati and her exhausted team finally decided to switch to LetHub and they were up and running within a week.

"We joined with Lethub in January. And have had no scamming since then. We've had no calls from prospects about our listings being stolen. Nobody calling to say that they gave money to somebody else. Nobody squatting in our properties." says Kati cheerfully.

"It's been somewhat of a breath of fresh air after the last couple of years of scamming."


Winning back owners' trust

Kati's team have a lot more clarity and insight into not only who's on their property, but whether or not they've done the ID verification when they checked in. They can see how a prospect booked a showing, and their conversation history with LetHub's AI.  

With all the prospects being checked through LetHub's intelligent ID Verification, Kati's team was able to gain back owner's trust.

"We're able to very confidently say to our owners that yes, we use self-guided showings. This is not a thing that you have to worry about. We're not going to have squatters. We're not going to have damaged property." 

Kati's team enjoys the process of helping people instead of showing properties. They have successfully eliminated scams and are looking forward to growing bigger.

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