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How Lethub Revolutionizes Lead Nurturing While You Catch Some Z's!

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Nurturing Leads 24/7, 365 days a year

As a property manager, responding to leads right away is essential for converting them into leads. But how can you do that when you're busy managing 700+ properties?  

Richey Property Management was facing the very same issue where hundreds of leads were slipping through the cracks and not converting.

“There were too many leads that were coming in unfiltered, and no centralized way to deal with them.” explains Sue. “Only one person who had the Zillow account was able to respond, which led to many of the leads gone by the wayside and never ever converted.” says Sue.

That's where LetHub entered Richey’s PropTech stack. With LetHub, their team was able to respond to leads automatically and efficiently, even when they were asleep.

“I think our biggest attraction towards LetHub was the response to leads when you're sleeping. Having the ability to do showings and other tasks while LetHub is responding to leads just saved us from wasting a lot of good potential leads”
- Sue, Principal Broker and Owner of Richey Property Management  

Unleashing the Power of Time Savings in Property Management

With LetHub RPM is focusing on what truly matters – converting prospects into satisfied residents, all while maximizing their team’s productivity and success.

Richey Property Management bid farewell to the complexities of managing multiple lead sources and embraced a simplified and efficient approach that yields superior results by using a centralized hub that caters to all their needs in one.

“LetHub has enabled us to schedule and conduct more property showings simultaneously, resulting in optimized use of our time and improved productivity!” Sue elaborates “Our investment in LetHub not only provided us with more time, but also increased our overall profitability, aligning with the initial goal of leveraging technology to benefit our staff and operations. Our agents were able to increase the number of showings per day thereby earning more commissions.”

Ticking Down Days on Market with a Robust Lead Funnel

With LetHub, all leads are conveniently consolidated, providing agents with a comprehensive view and easy access to their entire lead pipeline.  

Richey Property Management has been able to automate lead communication with a personalized touch. With LetHub’s conversion focused lead funnel, prospects are engaged and informed throughout their journey. By nurturing leads with relevant and timely marketing emails and SMS, they are moving prospects closer to making a decision faster.  

“With LetHub, our days on market are ticking down, we are able to do more showings at a time, and still have more time to do other productive things like tracking our lead reports”
- Sue, Principal Broker and Owner of Richey Property Management  

Their routine tasks such as responding to inquiries, scheduling tours, sending reminders and follow-ups, are all automated now, allowing their team to focus on high-value activities such as property showings and negotiations. This increased productivity translates into faster deal closures and reduced days on market.  

All of this and an easy-to-use interface!

Empowering Leasing Team for Success

LetHub's user-friendly interface ensures that agents can quickly adapt to the platform and utilize its full potential. The intuitive design and navigation make it easy for agents to locate, organize, and track leads efficiently.  

"LetHub is a long-term solution that combines innovation with continuous improvement. It's cool to see how their streamlined and simple approach of using AI maximized our leases and enhanced efficiency. Investing in LetHub means investing in our team and their freedom to grow. With the human touch still present, LetHub's tools provide the much-needed time savings we all struggle with while still prioritizing simplicity and making our lives easier."
- Sue, Principal Broker and Owner of Richey Property Management  

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