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Prospects to Profit: Paragon's High Conversion Rates

Decrease in days on market
Total prospect inquiries
Total tours booked

The need for a compact leasing CRM

Jared was looking to solve his problems when he stumbled upon LetHub, a comprehensive property management software that combines CRM functionalities with automation capabilities.

"Leads were coming through the individual property managers and there was really no way for me or the marketing director to see what was going on. We have been using Lethub for our CRM related needs and it has been a great experience!"

- Jared, Team Lead & Associate Real Estate Broker

Lethub’s user-friendly CRM enabled Jared and his team to revisit lead activity, lead chat history with River, and their responses to pre-qualification criteria.

72% More Qualified Leads and 2X lesser no-shows

Lethub’s pre-screening has been of great help to Jared for automatically filtering out unqualified prospects, allowing him to dedicate his time to highly viable leads.

The flexibility with customizable pre-screening criteria of Lethub’s feature allowed them to tailor the questions to their specific property types, desired tenant profiles, and leasing standards.

With unqualified leads out of the way, Jared and his team were able to minimize no-shows and maximize their team's efficiency.

No more zigzagging all over the place for showings

With the scheduling component of Lethub, the booking of the prospects has been made easy as it allows me to control it easily and it intelligently bunches the tours together and takes into account travel time to each property, otherwise, I’d have tours all over the place.” says Jared while talking about Lethub’s feature to sync calendars and automate booking tours.

Jared and his team are making the most out of their showings by only focusing on leads that are most likely to convert. Lethub has helped them reduce their on-market days significantly and taken a lot of things off their plates administratively.

“I think if you're, if you're an organization like ours and you don't want to waste resources to do additional administrative tasks like answer inquiries 24 Hours a day lethub is a great product for your automation and CRM needs!”

- Jared, Team Lead & Associate Real Estate Broker

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