Automated Showings: Assigning Multiple Showing Agents to the Same Unit

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November 15, 2023
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The Traditional Hurdle: One Agent, Many Misses  

Traditionally, property management has functioned on a simple yet flawed principle: one agent assigned to each property. This means while one agent is swamped with showings, their colleagues might be underutilized. The result? A productivity paradox, where potential tenants face delays and agents experience an imbalance in their workloads. It’s like a soccer team where only one player is allowed to touch the ball.  

Enters Multi-Agent Assignment Feature  

The inflexibility of assigning your property units to multiple agents at a time has been a longstanding challenge that has often been swept under the rug. Now, rather than being tied to manual changes, the Multi-Agent Assignment feature offers unparalleled flexibility. It evaluates an agent's availability before booking a showing with a prospective tenant. By seamlessly integrating with agents' calendars, it ensures that showings are not booked during an agent’s pre-scheduled commitments nor is that agent double-booked. This advanced feature operates on different levels of availability, considering both general weekly availabilities and property-specific availabilities.  

If the first agent is unavailable, the system automatically assigns the next available agent, who is also geographically close to the property. This not only ensures that no showing is missed but also that each tenant receives prompt and personal attention.  

The Advantages of Automated Showings through Multi-Agent Assignment  

  • Quicker Showings: Multiple agents mean more available slots for showings, leading to quicker tenant placements.
  • Unit-to-Agent Allocation: Automatically assigns showings to available agents, ensuring every opportunity is seized.
  • Enhanced Managerial Oversight: Provides a clear overview of showings calendar, enhancing coordination and strategic planning.  
  • Reduced Operational Stress: Automated showings with multi-agent assignment significantly reduces the stress associated with manual coordination and last-minute changes.   
  • Equitable Workload Distribution: Every agent gets a fair share of the action, preventing burnouts and underutilization.  
  • Elevated Flexibility in showings: Allows for manual changes in setting up showings for you and your team’s optimal results.  

With the multi-agent assignment feature, LetHub has taken the process of setting-up automated showings to newer heights of flexiblity. Now, rather than preassigning units exclusively to agents, you can leave it up to the system to allocate showings based on your leasing team’s availability.  

LetHub's Multi-Agent Assignment isn't just about spreading responsibilities; it's about intelligent allocation. But how is LetHub achieving it?  

Here is how LetHub is able to efficiently to do it all:

Seamless Automated Scheduling: AI to the Rescue

LetHub’s AI intricately evaluates an agent's schedule before lining up a showing. It's like having a personal assistant for each of your agents, ensuring they're never double-booked and always in the right place at the right time.

Geographical Genius: Location-Based Efficiency  

What's more, the system factors in the geographical proximity of agents to properties. So, if the first agent can't make it, the baton is smoothly passed to the next closest agent. This means not only are showings maximized, but each potential tenant gets prompt and attentive service.  

The Bottom Line: More Showings, More Success  

The benefits of Multi-Agent Assignment are clear: more showings, better service, and happier tenants. By leveraging this approach, you're not just keeping up with the times; you're setting the pace in the property management industry.  

The Future Is Here  

LetHub's "Multi-Agent Assignment" isn't just a feature; it's a new era in property management. It signifies a move towards more efficient, equitable, and technologically advanced operations.  

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