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December 13, 2023
Automted showings for property management

The traditional hurdle: one agent, many misses

Property management functions on a simple yet flawed principle: division of properties among leasing agents. What this means is when a property is on-market, the dedicated leasing agent is supposed to take care of everything from responding to inquiries to conducting showings for that property.

Now here is the productivity paradox: Agents with more on-market units are swamped with showings, while other agents might be underutilized.

The result? Potential tenants facing delays and agents experiencing an imbalance in their workloads. It’s like a soccer team where only one player is allowed to touch the ball.


Enter the Smartest Automated Showings Scheduler for Property Managers

Taking all these issues into consideration, we have built a smart showing scheduler that takes all agents' availability into account. Rather than tying a property to a specific agent, you can now select back-up agents for a property as well. This way when a new showing gets booked, the scheduler looks for its default agent's availability first. In case they are unavailable, the scheduler will look for backup agents' schedules and assign the showing to the next best available agent.

But you know what makes this showings scheduler truly smart? It also takes geographic locations of all agents into account. So if the default agent is unavailable, the showing will get assigned to the agent who is available right away and also closest to the property. This ensures that no showing is missed and each tenant receives prompt and personal attention.

What is automated scheduling for property management?

Automated scheduling for property management is a system that automatically coordinates and allocates property showings and other management tasks based on agents' availability and geographical location. This eliminates the need for manual scheduling, reduces missed appointments, and ensures a balanced workload among agents.

Why do your property managers need a smart scheduler?

  • Higher Lead-to-Showing Conversions: Multiple backup agents mean more available slots for showings, leading to higher lead-to-showings conversions.
  • Maximum Efficiency: The showings scheduler automatically allocates showings to the best available agents, ensuring every opportunity is seized.
  • Enhanced Managerial Oversight: With the scheduler, your showings calendar will never be a clutter again so you can strategically plan your workload.  
  • Reduced Operational Stress: Having a smart showings scheduler significantly reduces the stress associated with manual coordination and last-minute changes.
  • Equitable Workload Distribution: Every agent gets a fair share of the incoming showings, preventing burnouts and underutilization.  
  • Elevated Flexibility in Showings: The smart showings scheduler allows for property managers to take their day off without having to worry about showing cancellations.


How does the automated scheduler work for busy property managers?

With the intelligent scheduling feature, LetHub has taken the process of setting-up automated showings to newer heights of flexibility. Now, rather than pre-assigning units exclusively to agents, you can leave it up to the system to allocate showings based on your leasing team’s availability.  

Let's see how the showing scheduler does it all?

Step 1: Add default showing agents

Step 2: Add multiple agents to the on-market unit

Step 3: Set agent availability schedules

Geographical Genius: Location-Based Efficiency

LetHub’s AI intricately evaluates an agent's schedule before lining up a showing. It's like having a personal assistant for each of your agents, ensuring they're never double-booked and always in the right place at the right time.

What's more, the system factors in the geographical proximity of agents to properties. So, if the first agent can't make it, the baton is smoothly passed to the next closest agent. This means not only are showings maximized, but each potential tenant gets prompt and attentive service.  

The Bottom Line: More Showings, More Success  

The benefits of a smart scheduler are clear: more showings, faster conversions, and happier tenants. By leveraging this approach, you're not just keeping up with the times; you're setting the pace in the property management industry. 

See how our customers are booking 35% more showings with the smart scheduler. 


How do automated rental showings improve the tenant experience?

Automated rental showings improve the tenant experience by providing a seamless and efficient process for booking property viewings. Potential tenants can schedule showings at their convenience, receive prompt confirmations, and experience fewer delays and cancellations. This system ensures that showings are well-coordinated and that tenants receive timely and attentive service from agents.

How does automated showings for property management work?

Automated showings for property management use intelligent scheduling features to assign property showings to the most available and geographically closest agent. The system takes into account the availability of multiple agents and assigns showings accordingly, ensuring no potential tenant faces delays.

What benefits does scheduling genius bring to property managers?

Scheduling genius optimizes the efficiency of property management by ensuring all showings are assigned to the best available agent, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments and balancing the workload among agents. It also enhances managerial oversight and reduces operational stress.

What are the key calendar features in automated property management systems?

Key calendar features in automated property management systems include the ability to view and manage all scheduled showings in one place, automatic updating of availability, integration with agents' personal calendars, and location-based scheduling to optimize showings.

How does Calendly for property management simplify scheduling?

Calendly for property management streamlines the scheduling process by allowing potential tenants to book showings directly through an online platform. It automatically syncs with agents' calendars, checks their availability, and prevents double-booking, making the process seamless for both agents and tenants.

Can automated scheduling handle multiple properties and agents?

Yes, automated scheduling is designed to handle multiple properties and agents. It can assign showings to multiple backup agents, ensuring that every property gets the attention it needs and every agent has a balanced workload.

What makes automated showings different from traditional scheduling methods?

Automated showings differ from traditional methods by utilizing technology to manage and allocate showings based on real-time data. This reduces the manual effort required, minimizes scheduling conflicts, and improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of property management.

How does the system ensure equitable workload distribution among agents?

The system ensures equitable workload distribution by automatically assigning showings to agents based on their availability and proximity to the property. This prevents any single agent from becoming overwhelmed and ensures all agents have a fair share of the workload.

What happens if an agent is unavailable for a scheduled showing?

If an agent is unavailable for a scheduled showing, the automated scheduling system will reassign the showing to the next best available agent who is closest to the property. This ensures that no showing is missed and the potential tenant receives prompt attention.

How can property managers benefit from using an automated scheduler?

Property managers benefit from using an automated scheduler by increasing lead-to-showing conversions, maximizing efficiency, enhancing managerial oversight, reducing operational stress, and ensuring equitable workload distribution. This ultimately leads to more showings, faster conversions, and happier tenant

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