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Introducing Waterfalls - Workflow Automation for Lead Nurturing

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August 8, 2023

At LetHub we are on a mission to help you get the max out of your marketing budget. That’s why we are announcing an all-new lead communication workflow automation feature or Waterfalls as our tech team calls it.

The Power of Workflow Automation in Property Management – Introducing Waterfalls

Our brilliant tech team at LetHub came up with the name Waterfalls while developing the feature. The idea was inspired by the flow of cascading water where each drop of water danced in perfect harmony with the other. Our goal was to build a simple interface so both techies and non-techies can create workflows on the go.  

With a wide range of triggers, actions, and delays, we give you the power and control to DIY leasing communication. You are the boss, and you can decide where the flow goes. True to its name, ‘Waterfalls’ offers workflow automation, guiding every process seamlessly from one stage to the next.

Why Waterfalls?

  • For starters, insane amount of customization in your lead nurturing workflows
  • Ability to set email and SMS cadences for every possible lead interaction  
  • Drag and drop interface (you won’t even need ‘how-to’ videos)
  • Hands-Off and Hassle-Free workflows
  • More lead-to-lease conversions

How does Waterfalls automating everything?

Waterfalls has a similar workflow creation process as in or Zapier. All you need to do is select your preferable trigger to enroll leads in the workflow. Next, you can select an action – either send an Email or SMS to your prospects. You can also set delays between actions in minutes, hours, or days.  

Send as many emails or SMS as your marketing team prefers. Add stop triggers to remove prospects from the workflows once they meet your goal for example, showing booked or unit rented.  

Don’t give up on qualified prospects and build a dynamic lead nurturing engine to achieve higher conversions.  

Here’s the list of all lead nurturing workflows you can build with Waterfalls:

  • New Interested Lead
  • Lead ID Verified
  • Showing Scheduled
  • Guided Showing Rescheduled
  • Showing Canceled by Lead
  • Showing Canceled by Leasing Agent
  • Unit Rented
  • New guided Showing Scheduled
  • Self-showing Rescheduled
  • Self-showing Confirmed
  • Self-showing Walk-in
  • Showing Confirmed
  • More added regularly

If you are still reading and not convinced, read below to find out how Waterfalls aids in workflow automation:

Simplicity is the key to brilliance: easy-to-use Interface

No more tedious clicking through a maze of options. No more deciphering manuals like cryptic scrolls. Just a seamless interface that respects your time and sanity. With the simplicity of drop-down options, you'll discover a world of simplicity at your fingertips.

Using the Waterfalls’ interface, no more hassle of figuring out how to operate the feature. Customize a workflow using the drop-down options for all: triggers, events, delays, actions and when to stop the flow.

Personalization at its Best: Make the most out of your marketing

In a world where automation tools often come with pre-set options for streamlining tasks like emailing and sending SMS to leads, we stand apart. Unlike the rest, we recognize that your needs are unique, and that's why we offer a different approach.  

With Waterfalls, craft personalized emails and messaging content based on leads’ preferences. Using Waterfalls, you can set your own branding and touch to attract the right future tenants.

Say goodbye to fixed follow-up schedules and predetermined email and SMS counts. You get to decide follow up frequencies, when those follow-ups happen, and how many emails or SMS are sent. It's like having a symphony of customization at your fingertips.

Unleashing the Conversion Potential: Achieving CRAZY Conversions

Picture this scenario: you have multiple units available, each with its unique set of inquiries and showing requests. As inquiries pour in for one unit, another might be attracting potential tenants eager for showings. Thus, managing these parallel conversations seamlessly becomes paramount.  

Amidst all of that it's easy to lose focus on conversions across each step of the lead nurturing cycle. With waterfalls operating in the background, maintain high lead to showings and showings to lease conversions.

Set up waterfalls for follow ups with canceled showings or remarket to interested leads automatically so you can get the most return on your marketing investment.

Hands-Off Leasing Communication

Did you know that replying to prospects within the first 10 mins of their message increases the conversion rate by 185%? But as a property manager, there are too many things on your plate. From handling inquiries to coordinating viewings, every moment counts.  

But what if you could delegate the leasing communications to a trusted partner that follows your guidance and does things exactly the way YOU want? That's precisely what Waterfalls offers—effortless automation for hands-off leasing communications.  

Enjoy the end-to-end leasing communications without email deliverability headaches or errors. No more manually crafting emails, scheduling reminders, and following up tirelessly. With Waterfalls, don't compromise on the flexibility of using automated tools.

The Journey with Waterfalls is just Beginning

We're thrilled to announce that more exciting features are on the horizon. Get ready to experience the power of Waterfalls in maintenance and reporting workflows. Imagine effortlessly managing maintenance requests, tracking progress, and generating insightful reports, all within the same user-friendly interface you've come to love.  Keep an eye out for the upcoming enhancements!

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