7 Ways Property Managers Can Automate Workflows Using Zapier

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January 24, 2023

What if we tell you that magic is real? What if we tell you that magic goes by automation these days but exhibits the same results; life-altering changes that are too good to be true.  

Zapier for property management is magic at your fingertips.

What is Zapier and why do property managers need automated workflows?

Zapier is a no-code automation tool that connects over 5000 apps to automate repetitive tasks. Streamline your business processes, by delegating monotonous tasks to Zapier.

In a poll intended to gauge the popularity of no-code tools like Zapier, 50% of property managers use automated workflows with Zapier actively while over 40% are interested but haven’t found ways or time to implement them.  

Zapier for property management

Automated workflows will soon be a common term in property management and for good reason:

  • Save time – There is no limit to the time you can save with Zapier. Time-consuming tasks like manually entering lead information and transferring data between apps can now be done instantly and without your involvement.
  • Scale your business – Property managers can now finally find time to implement growth strategies. Focus on pursuing leads, attracting owners and expanding your portfolio.  
  • Automate administrative work – Cut down your manual work in at least half with Zapier. Easily build workflows to automate that tasks that are repetitive and have to be performed regularly e.g. creating move-out checklists.  

A complete no-code interface for property management workflow automation:

As daunting as it sounds, workflow automation for property management is incredibly easy to set up and requires no prior tech knowledge. You don’t need any special training beforehand and it’s effective, irrespective of number of doors you manage.  

Step 1: Connect your LetHub account with Zapier.

Step 2: Build automated workflows called Zaps.  

Each Zap consists of two parts; the trigger and the action. The trigger is the event that springs the workflow into motion. The action is what you want the next step after the event to be.  

The best part – no code required.

The second-best part - you can sign up for free today!  

1. Stop copy pasting leads’ data and manage documents on cloud

But here’s the thing about data – it's a huge resource but keeping it organized can be a huge headache. Your days are hectic enough and it’s time you delegated the repetitive copy-pasting to tech using property management automated workflows.

Here are some example Zaps:

  • Typeform → Trello – Automatically create new owner cards in Trello for every client questionnaire submitted

2. Send lease renewals, automate move-ins and move-outs

You can’t focus on growing your portfolio if you have to spend your time manually tracking each lease signed with your company. Use Zapier for property management gives you access to no-code automation to set up workflows that do more in no time.  

Example Zaps:

  • DoorLoop → Gmail - Send lease renewal offers to tenants as their lease period draws to an end.

3. Manage and nurture renter leads across multiple platforms

Prospects have already expressed interest in your property but you simply don’t have time to manually pursue each lead to secure a lease. Use automated workflows for property management to build a personalized lead funnel that works in conjecture with LetHub’s fully customizable email funnel to maximize conversions.

Here are some popular workflows you can implement today:

  • LetHub → Hubspot – Send LetHub leads to Hubspot, assign them to leasing agents of your choice and update their lead status

Pro Tip: Use standardized tracking for all campaigns so it is easy to compare results and optimize your strategy.

4. Collect post-showing feedback

Securing a lease isn’t just about the prospect-property fit but also about a lead’s experience with your company. Feedback can be useful tool but collecting it is a tedious task, especially since communicating with leads isn’t exactly a smooth process itself.  

Solution – use Zapier to automate the whole thing. Like literally the whole thing. Here are some ways to do it:

  • LetHub → Hubspot – Enroll a lead in a feedback campaign in Hubspot after a showing is booked

5. Get notifications and reminders in one Slack channel

As a property manager in 2023, you’re definitely using a number of apps to lighten your burden. Unfortunately, this also means you’re accumulating notifications across different platforms.  

Linking them all to one frequently used app, like Slack, can make it easier to keep track of things, especially lead activity. You will no longer have to worry about missing an importing update or sorting through your mail.  

Here are the Zaps we recommend:

  • LetHub → Slack – Get Slack notifications for all lead activity e.g. inquiry received, showing scheduled or showing scheduled
  • LetHub → Slack – Get notified for every new self-showing created in LetHub

6. Onboarding owners and employees

Onboarding owners and employees can take up valuable hours of your day. The steps are the same every time, the same training manual to be shared – so why not automate the process?  

Here are a few Zaps to get you started:

  • Typeform → DocuSign – For each client questionnaire submitted, autofill an owner’s agreement in DocuSign with their details
  • Trello → Gmail – Send out an onboarding email for every new owner card created in Trello

7. Manage maintenance tickets, analytics, and more

Fact: property managers work far more than they should. There is no shortage of administrative tasks in your to-do list. Cut them down by half with Zapier.  

Discover multiple Zaps to automate administrative work e.g. triggering a checklist, watermarking images and comparing rent to industry averages.  

  • Gmail → ZenDesk – Create a ticket for each email received in a specified mailbox e.g. support or maintenance
  • Google Drive → PDF4me – Automatically watermark client and lease agreements as soon as they’re added to Google Drive

Lately, it is no longer a question of whether property managers should invest in automation but a matter of which automated workflows to implement. The answer is simple – which of the tasks on your to-do list are standardized processes that you have to perform frequently? Zapier for property management all about working smarter, not harder!

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Zapier is a no-code automation tool that connects over 5000 apps to automate repetitive tasks. Streamline your business processes, by delegating monotonous tasks to Zapier.