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To better help customers learn about LetHub, we’ve compiled the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). For any additional questions please refer to our searchable knowledge base.
How does the payment cycle work? Do you offer trials and refunds?

Payments are made up-front for all plans and are non-refundable. Once you agree to sign up for a plan and pay the invoice, the billing starts for the selected plan. Any subsequent payments are charged automatically as per your plan billing cycle.

How do you follow up with leads?

As soon as an inquiry comes in, we send the lead an email/text to book a tour using River! We also send tour reminders, tour confirmations, as well as text reminders two hours before tours to cut down no shows.

Can I add property specific availability?

Of course! We know your general availability doesn't always apply to all properties, so you can easily adjust your schedule for each properties and River will make sure to respect that when booking tours.

Can agents connect their own calendars?

Yes! You can create accounts for your agents and ask them to connect their calendars and set their own availabilities. River will then allow leads to book tours directly in the agent's calendar!

Can I auto-sync my properties?

Yes, for sure! We work with major property management software providers. Contact us to learn more.

What kind of questions can River ask to prequalify prospects?

That's up to you. You can add your own questions and passing criteria and River will take care of the rest.

Does your system send weekly reports to owners?

Hell yeah! Our owner reports module is very, very customizable.

Can I add other users?

Yes, you can add unlimited users. They can customize their own accounts to reflect their calendar and availability.

Can I add River to my company website?

Yes, you just copy-paste a code and you're good to go! Check out this page to learn how to insert the code in your website. Let our team know if you need any help with this!

Do I need to add my properties manually?

Nope, we auto-sync your complete portfolio. Everything is automated, otherwise, what's the point?

Do you integrate with my property management software?

We integrate with most major property management software. Please get in touch with us to share your specific requirements.

Does the web app work with our team calendar?

Yes, you can sync both Google and MS Office 365 calendars with your LetHub account. Your team can view all the leads and their pre-qualification details in your team's calendar.

How many properties can I add?

Your first two properties are free. After that, you can add as many as you like on one of plans. We only charge per unit. See our plans and pricing here.

What kind of inquiries and questions can River answer?

River is a self-learning AI assistant that improves its responses as it gets more information from renters. At the end of the day, any leasing agent is as good as the information they have on file. Our onboarding process makes sure we have all the info of your properties.

What happens after the trial?

After the trial, you will only be able to have two properties on the account. You can always upgrade to add more properties and on-market units and unlock other awesome features.

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