How to add your properties to LetHub

There are three different ways to bring in your listings into LetHub.

  1. Import from a public page provided by property management software such as Appfolio or Buildium. 
  2. Import from an Excel sheet.
  3. Import your properties through an excel form.

1. Import from a public page on your PM Software

Please ensure that this link is public, i.e. anyone can see your listings on this page and there is no need to log in.

  • On LetHub, Navigate to the Settings and scroll to "Import Properties"
  • Select the provider (Appfolio or Buildium).
  • Enter the link to site.
  • Turn on "Always sync properties" (recommended).
  • Click on Import.

  • All done! The auto-sync will run every day at 8 am and 4 pm PST and it ensures that any changes you make to your listing in your PM software will be reflected on LetHub.
  • You can run the importer manually any time by pressing on Import.

2. Import from an Excel sheet

  • You can import your properties through an Excel sheet with the correct template.
  • To do so, go into the Properties tab, and select "Import Properties".

  • Ensure that your Excel sheet has the same format as the Excel template provided.
  • Click on browse to select your Excel Sheet.

  • All done!

3. Manually enter property information

  • In the Properties tab, click on "Add Property"

  • Enter the property information.
  • Pro tip: The showing availability defaults to the availability you have set in Settings, but you can adjust it to be specific to this property by clicking on "Set Availability".

  • Make sure to click on Save once you're done inputting all property info.
  • After you click on Save, The unit section will open at the botton of the screen.
  • This is where you can add units within your properties and enter unit specific information.
  • Click on "Add Units" and enter unit information.
  • Be sure to select the showing agent and upload pictures of the unit.

  • All done!

Your properties are now all on LetHub and we can automate your booking process :)

Still having issues? Please contact support