How LetHub helped FMC California save over 445 hours of staff time in three months

Company Size
20+ employees
Year Established
Portfolio Size
2,400+ units under management

The Challenge

The leasing staff was spending half of their day answering monotonous renter questions. With hundreds of inquiries per day, it was becoming hard to pre-screen tenants, schedule tours, and respond to emails simultaneously.

Results achieved

Quarterly Results - July to August 2020


Total renter inquiries


Questions answered by River


Staff cost recovered


Average rent loss avoided


Reduction in vacancies


Total prospects qualified

445 hrs

Total time saved


Total tours booked

Smooth implementation process

We at LetHub, value our customers. To facilitate FMC during the implementation process, we custom-built the following features:

LetHub helped in saving
445 hours of staff time and $7,414 in staff cost.

“The time which was previously spent on mundane tasks is now getting utilized for portfolio growth and developing better relations with tenants and owners.”

Paul G, CEO at FMC

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